The Redskins Aren’t Giving Up- Why That’s Not Conducive to Long-term Success


That’s currently the record that the Washington Redskins sport to their beloved fans. They’re sitting below the Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills in the overall standings in the NFL.

They only lead the Houston Texans, and there’s no guarantee they won’t be the worst team by week 17’s end.

Spectators and fans alike must believe that the Redskins have given up.

That’s not true. And it’s not good that the Redskins aren’t.

The Redskins don’t have their first round pick this upcoming off-season, and that’s a big reason Washington fans want the Redskins to stay competitive and win their last two games. If they give up the sixth overall pick compared to the second, it will ease the pain from the RGIII trade.

The other reason fans want to win? The Redskins finish the season against the New York Giants, and play this week against Dallas. No ‘Skins fan wants to lose to any NFC East rivals. Especially not the Cowboys.

But what the Redskins aren’t doing correctly is the way in which they try to stay competitive.

Many will focus on Robert Griffin III’s placement on the gameday inactive list.

Yet, fans overlook the players on that list that also REALLY affect the future in Washington. Who were the inactives this past week in addition to RGIII?

S Bacarri Rambo, CB Chase Minnifield, LB Brandon Jenkins, LB Darryl Tapp, and OG Josh LeRibeus.

I see that list, I see 3-11, and I become baffled; Why on Earth are the Redskins leaving young players, important players on this list that need to be evaluated on gameday?

The first name that pops off this list is rookie FS Bacarri Rambo.

Sure, he’s been inconsistent. Sure, his open-field tackling has left a lot to be desired. But if any fan of the Denver Broncos remembers, FS Rahim Moore (currently on I.R./Recall) was awful as a rookie. He didn’t see the field, losing snaps to the likes of Quinton Carter, and seemed completely out of place in the NFL. If he hadn’t been a second round pick, Moore would likely have not survived the second round of cuts during the following off-season.

Moore is now a top-12 safety in the NFL. He was a revelation last season for the Broncos but is only recognized for the long touchdown reception Jacoby Jones had against him in the double overtime AFC Championship game between Denver and Baltimore.

It was Moore’s worst play in his career, and will no doubt overshadow the above-average play he’s displayed between his sophomore season and his third year in the NFL.

This isn’t to say Bacarri Rambo is as talented or as good as Rahim Moore. It’s just an example that NFL teams, and fans, need to give a player more than one season to prove they are capable of starting in the league.

CB Chase Minnifield is another guy that shouldn’t be on this list.

Minnifield wrecked his knee in college and re-did some damage to his surgically repaired knee during rookie minicamp in his last April.

Now healthy, Minnifield made the Redskins practice squad and was promoted to the active roster back on November 29th. He has yet to be active for one game this season.

Considering Washington’s lack of talent in the secondary, Minnifield should be seeing a plethora of snaps to prove going forward he can be a contributer, or better yet a starter, for the foreseeable future. Minnifield was a top-5 ranked CB in preseason (according to Pro Football Focus) and showed no sign of prior knee injuries, playing in all 4 games and a majority in the finale.

Seeing him in street clothes is enough to make Redskins fans, who desperately want some consistency and life in the secondary, sick to their stomachs as they watch Josh Wilson and E.J. Biggers get burned.

There are other players on this list that make me sick to see inactive, but I don’t want to bore anyone. Leave a comment at the bottom requesting one of the names and I’ll explain how it is the Redskins are affected by their decision to make that player inactive.

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One thought on “The Redskins Aren’t Giving Up- Why That’s Not Conducive to Long-term Success

  1. Yeezus H. Christ says:

    What Up doe.

    Which FA should the skins look into to fix the secondary this off-season? Once we get back the 32mil

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